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Feb 2013
Dear Kristi and Staff,
Cody and I would love to thank you for the amazing job you did with Dakota. As you may recall our initial visit, that was our last chance at keeping our beautiful Dakota. Dakota caused a great deal of destruction to our furniture, car, border, stairs in the house and any other thing she could she could chew. You were our last resort, you changed our lives!  
We adopted Dakota at 10 weeks old she had a wonderful temperament and was very bright from the start. Dakota did the usual puppy things like chewing which we accepted, however one of the difficulties we had with her was her apparent fear of other dogs. We had done everything we could think of to help her socialize to allay her fears. We worked with different trainers, all of whom the declared they could indeed solve her chewing issues, and make her less fearful.  In the course of all of this, Dakota he had been bitten by aggressive dogs which increased her fear.  We were told she needed to be socialized that was her problem this did not work either and just actually increased her fear.
Dakota turned two years old and things seemed to intensify.  At this time she started chewing on the stairs, pulling trim off the wall, part of the steering wheel, the gear shift lever and any other parts chewable. We finally could not take it anymore we spoke to our vet and he told us that the Dakota, being an Australian Cattle Dog, needed to be on a farm, where she would be kept busy and that should stop her from being destructive. At this point we were looking into returning her who whom we adopted and were informed they do euthanized unwanted pets…not an option. However they did give us the best advice ever, take her to Kristi B's, Kristi is a dog behaviorist that will create a miracle for you. From the onset, Dakota went to her and responded very well (this by itself was very unusual as Dakota seemed to trust no one). Kristi told us she could indeed help Dakota and we should put her into her boot camp for Dogs from that instant we felt confident in Kristi’s abilities. After a few days in boot camp, I received a phone call from Kristi explaining Dakota’s fear of loud noises.  I must admit we were skeptical as that did not seem to make sense to us however after our first visit during Kristi would make loud noises Dakota would react fearfully. As Kristi worked on eliminating her fear of loud noises, she gradually began introducing her to other dogs in her daycare finally Dakota was playing happily and without fear with all the dogs.

Since Dakota’s return home the changes in her have been so dramatic, she now has the run of our home again, hasn’t chewed or destroyed anything. We have returned to the nearby dog park where she now plays happily with all the dogs. We were slightly reluctant the first time she came in contact with some of the more aggressive dogs but she passed with flying colors. We want to thank you Kristi from the bottom of our hearts for doing what we thought was impossible, you are truly a gifted dog behaviorist , and we would highly recommend you to any person who needs help with a difficult dog. Please feel free to use both Cody and I as references, we would be willing to talk to any person and share our experience! I’ve shared my experience with Yelp, Dexknows, and SuperPages.com. Excellence deserves to be promoted!

With gratitude,
Rose Maguire and Cody Keller


Extreme separation anxiety issues and fearful. Two weeks done...

"Hi Kristi,
Took Rudy and Lucy to the dog park today. WOW!!!!! Rudy is like a little lightning bolt! He ran around in circles making the other dogs chase him.  None of them could catch him! Loves to play catch me if you can. Lucy protected him too when the bigger dogs started to get a little rough. Rudy and Lucy both had a great time and Rudy came when I called him!  No tether needed. :-) Rudy is all snuggled up in his new crate. He whined for a couple of seconds today when I left him alone in there but then relaxed right away. All is well. Thanks again for everything!
Happy Holidays!


Hi Kristi, it's been a few weeks now since we adopted Rudy (aka Jova) and wanted to give you an update on how he is doing.  The short answer is that he is doing great!  It's been an emotional roller coaster, but with a lot of help from Kristi B's, a whole bunch of Dog Whisperer episodes, and some hard but fun work, Rudy is well on the road to overcoming his fear of people and living a healthy fulfilling life.

Here are some highlights...

He is a master of the walk and is even setting an example for Lucy (our other dog).  We go on at least 3 walks a day and he absolutely LOVES them!

He has mastered the "sit", "stay", "wait", "shake", "off", and "heel" commands.

He has made tremendous progress with his fear of people and the "come" command.  Given that his major issue is his fear of people, he's doing really really good.  He comes when called about 90% of the time.  He even approaches strangers out of curiosity without being asked to.

With a lot of help from Kristi B's, we have crate trained him and he has made a ton of progress with his separation anxiety. Most of time he is completely relaxed and comfortable in his crate when alone with only a little bit of whining and howling every now and then (we set up a web cam so we can see how he is doing when we are away).  This is amazing considering when we first crated him he had major panic attacks, was soiling the crate, and trying to break out of it.

He LOVES playing catch me if you can with the other dogs at the dog park and with my sister's dogs.  It's hilarious!  He will run around the dog park with 12 dogs chasing him and none have been able to catch them yet!  He also loves playing fetch with the tennis ball.

He is very social, curious, and plays good with other dogs. He is not afraid of other dogs at all.  

He is the most affectionate dog I've ever known! He LOVES to cuddle and be petted.  Completely rolls over on his back and says "PET ME!". Hangs out with us on the couch and sleeps with us on the bed sometimes too.  

Thanks so much to 4 Paws and Kristi B's for helping Rudy.  We are looking forward to a long, happy, and fulfilling life with him.

Joe Bianco


First off, let me thank you again for the amazing work you did with Kona and give you a testimonial. From the moment our golden retriever puppy entered our family, he was a handful. He wasn't at all like our previous dog. We tried to follow all the suggestions from popular books regarding training.

We enrolled him in puppy class, took him to obedience school, and spent countless dollars on training collars, devices, treats and toys, but his energy and his biting was too much to handle. All the advice we got was that he wasn't aggressive, but with a new baby in the house and a 3-year old, we were desperate to control him and didn't know how to. We were ready to give him back to the breeder. As our last hope we contacted Kristi. She had him come for a day to get to know him and in that short time, he was already on his way to being a different, obedient dog. She saw his potential, as well as his problem areas and suggested he stay for a month of training.

Kristi put together a plan, individualized for Kona and our family. During his stay, she kept us updated on his progress and gave us suggestions to prepare us for his homecoming. We are amazed at his progress! After working with Kristi, we are overjoyed to say Kona is finally part of the family! We can pet him! Walk him! He comes when called! He never, not once has jumped up on the kids or has put his mouth on them! He loves to play fetch and other games! My daughter adores him, plays pretend with him and gives him BIG hugs whenever she gets a chance! And the list goes on, but these are what we wanted most from our dog, just to be part of the family.

We highly recommend Kristi B's Best Dog Retreat. Her facility and grounds are beautiful and so well cared for. She is an expert in dog training and handling and her commitment to the dogs their owners is truly exceptional. Thank you Kristi for your hard work and sharing your talents and love for animals to help dogs like Kona and their families. We are forever grateful! The Dendrinos Family So happy to finally get this to you, let me know when is a good time to drop off the video, cage and leash. I\'m sure Kona would love to spend the day with his friends!